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Sterek Week // Wednesday: Sterek Manips

Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski are top models in Hollywood. Signed with different agencies, the two often find themselves on the same set for various shoots. Although Stiles and Derek often butt heads behind the scenes, in front of the camera, their natural chemistry shines through.

Soon enough, the duo start spending time together outside of work. They quickly become friends, often snarking at each other about their different habits (“Honestly Stiles. I don’t know how you have the body you do when you never exercise and you eat like a horse.”) and their different modeling techniques (“Would it kill you to smile once, dude? I know that’s your whole thing, or whatever. But, I swear to God, if you smiled at one shoot, you’d kill half the population!”).

Their good-natured bantering eventually turns romantic when Stiles half jokingly says, “I hope they make us kiss at that Abercrombie shoot next week. I bet it’d be a blasty blast.” And when Derek answers back, “Why would we need to wait to kiss at a shoot when we can just do it right now?”, Stiles all but jumps into Derek’s lap.

Things are going well for them, both professionally and personally. And they’re careful to never appear as more than friends when they’re in public. When they finally get caught by the paparazzi out having lunch one afternoon, hands clasped together on the table, rumors start to fly about their possible romantic relationship.

Their publicists try to do as much damage control as they can, but Derek and Stiles are tired of hiding. They want the world to know that they love each other and decide to come out as a couple in a special issue of Out Magazine. 

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I think these are my new favorite Hoechlin reaction images

"People are worrying over nothing, the ratings are just FINE!!!!!!"


"This show is a gift! The writing and plot are so AMAZING!"


"Malia’s a better character than Allison."


"Teen Wolf has some of the best LGBT representation I’ve ever seen."


"I don’t like Nutella."*


"Writing/Drawing is easy isn’t it? You just have to write/drawn the mental image in your head. How hard is that."


(* I don’t like Nutella and that’s the exact reaction I’ve gotten)

"Stiles loves you but I dont so heres your dumbass script" - Jeff

Anonymous asked: Hey! So we're all waiting for the Sterek scene this season, and I keep looking for the (interview?/post?) where it is confirmed, but I can't find it. Can you please help me out? And you're running an amazing blog :D


Hey nonny,

I think Hoechlin and Dylan discussed this at AlphaCon if i’m not mistaken. I seem to remember they said they only had two scenes together and so far we’ve only had one this season…

Here’s a link to their panel, i don’t know exactly when it was said, but it’s not exactly a hardship watching them talking so… enjoy :)

I think it’s highly likely we’ll get a scene with them in the finale, and that it will echo back to the ending of 3b and the ancor storyline.

plus this hobrien photo from the last days of shooting, hopefully confirms the second scene will happen